Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some helpful explanation of Technorati Membership

Here's a nice little bit about Technorati and what Signing up can do for you and your blog: RSS Feeds Day 5: Technorati.

Another really cool thing on Technorati, once you've created your Favorites, is to syndicate a widget to your blog. You can even create a dynamic blogroll and use Technorati Favorites to control what shows up. Check out the Technorati Widget page.

You can see my Favorites Widget in my sidebar right on this blog. We also just released Tags for Favorites. Now you can tag your favorites on Technorati and easily switch from one group of blogs you like to read to another. And, any blog can be tagged as many times as you want so it can be in many groups.

Check out my Favorites. Look in the right hand sidebar and you'll see some of my, albeit experimental, tags.

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