Saturday, September 02, 2006

Good feedback on Technorati recency and authority search

Eli Horne had some good observations about Technorati Search, authority filtering, and recency of posts in regard to a Technorati top search: Kyra Phillips.

You can read more about it and my comments on how to use some of the more advanced search features on Technorati here.

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Eli Horne said...

Dorion -

Thanks so much for the response! As you can probably tell, I am reasonably new to the amazing service that is Technorati. I find myself there at least 15 times a day doing some ego tripping :) and looking for new hot reads.

I wasn't aware of the ability to do an authority search and that fixes a lot. My rant was less directed at technorati as much as it as towards the prevalence of these spam blog sites and their ability get recognition. Sorry your great site was the whipping boy!

-Eli Horne