Sunday, April 22, 2007

The funniest thing I've read - EVER!

OMFG! ROTFL! I think my stomach is going explode.

I stumbled onto it while checking my Twitter stream. Lucky for me, twitter has been so broken I still had twitters from 3 days ago at the top of my list.

Adam had twittered, "Lindsay just sent me this: -- what a hoot!"

I followed the link, oh ok, here it is. Interesting, but not funny. maybe a little scary.

I looked through all the pictures and, on a whim, clicked on one of the links at the bottom, Fast Food Reviews. Well, the first few got me into Jeff Kay's writing style. By the time I got to KFC, it was the sheer pleasure of laughter so hard it hurt. It hurt BAAAD.

I cruised around a few more, KFC Bowl, following on the KFC theme. Here's an excerpt:

"My stomach sank. It appeared to have already been eaten at least once. It looked like a pipin’ hot bowl of vomit.

But, of course, I ate it anyway. And it was good, really good."

Well, I think I'll spend some more quality time reading The West Virgina Surf Report. Thanks, Jeff.

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