Friday, February 27, 2009

#1 on Google for search "dorion" - I win

For the 1st time I am the #1 result for the search "dorion" on Google. Can't tell you how cool this feels.

Google search for "dorion"

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Rio said...

I take offense to that ... I am the original Dorion on the internet!

Check out this page from the google usenet archive: it contains a posting from me from May 1988!!

;-) ... congrats on your newfound status!

Mario Dorion

Paul Cornell said...

Thanks for your Twitter answer about Tecnorati: much obliged.

Mr. Beer Belly said...

That's great.

Now can you fix the blog claim on Technorati.

Dorion said...

Crap - I too held that title!

What an odd name "Dorion." You must have been teased a lot as a kid.

And - in the technology business. Great, another nerd named Dorion.

Dorion Rose
Poughkeesie New York.

James Williamz said...


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