Monday, September 10, 2007

Introducing Technorati Topics

Technorati collects millions of blog posts every day — too many for the average human being to even try to track. As a Technorati power user, I've been fascinated by just how much I can find out using Technorati Search. If you're like me and you know how to construct just the right search, you can winnow the results to just what you are looking for.

That being said, I've read a lot of great feedback on Technorati, how we should organize the vastness of the blogosphere and help people find the good stuff and help great bloggers be found. In particular, I read a lot of blog posts asking us to build what bloggers want. Well, today we are releasing a major overhaul of the Technorati Home page and a completely new area of the site that emphasizes blogs, Technorati Topics. With Topics, we help you discover what bloggers are writing about in Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Sports, Business, and Life.

Each topic features blog posts from many of the best blogs out there to help you discover what's going on. The posts are refreshed frequently to reflect breaking news, new opinions, and the latest from the Web. We've set out to help you find some great blog posts to read and we've organized them by easy to browse topics. We considered a number of factors to get the seed list of blogs including Technorati Authority, frequency of posting, use of relevant tags, links to related subject matter and general topicality.

I am very proud of what the team has put together over the summer. We continue to work on search, stability, and performance and we're listening to what you have to say about Technorati. I want you to know we really appreciate all that every blogger has to say. Today's release is just a first step. There is a lot more we have up our sleeves, so stay tuned for what's coming next and come back often.

I welcome your feedback and input, so, please, join the discussion about Technorati.

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