Saturday, September 22, 2007

Use Technorati, It’s A Real Lifesaver

Well, that's the conclusion by Michael Sotia in How Technorati Provides Useful Blog Content.

You should certainly claim your blog, upload your photo, so it will show up next to your posts in search results, mark your Favorite blogs and check out our widgets.

Thanks for the tips Michael.



Anonymous said...

Dorion, i hope i have addressed my problem right on my blog, because i find the support team is not doing their job by response, of course i can be wrong because it can be pretty complicated in there.

You can always email me profitlinez at gmail dot com or drop me a comment at my blog to let us know how is everything going will there be a update for all, or the authorities and pinging will not be back so soon?

Technorati is not updating for us

Dana said...

I love this feature...however, technorati cannot actually seem to read any of my content. My blog is claimed, it shows the beginning of entries under my blog's page and is updated every time I post. However, when I do a tag search or keyword search, my blog will not come up. I've tried deleting the claim and reclaiming it, but that doesn't work.

For my Wordpress blog: