Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peter Hirshberg interviews Lawrence Lessig about Revolution

At the Aspen Ideas Festival,

Peter Hirshberg interviewed Lawrence Lessig about how his ideas have expanded beyond copyright policy and into the realm of a much needed revolution.

The U.S. Congress is broken. Stanford Law Professor and cyber visionary Lessig has set out on a simple mission: fix it.

The 3 minute interview covers some of Lessig's thinking about revolution in governance. In this instance, he is using the word, revolution, as in the revolution of the hands of a clock. They return to where they started. He is suggesting we need to return to founding ideals rather than requiring a radical change. This, in fact, is really what the American Revolution was about, though it also resulted in a radical change.

The basic premise in Lessig's view is, if our representatives were free of the dependency on campaign fund raising, they would be able to spend more time on addressing the issues of their constituency.

Thanks to Sarah Kennon from for pointing this out to me. Worth a listen.

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