Monday, July 21, 2008

Synopsis of the OMMA Behavioral panel I just spoken on

This was a nice little surprise from Pingie when I got back from the OMMA panel on BT

OMMA Behavioral Panel: Out of the Black Box: BT’s Next Practices

From the agenda: The classic ‘black box’ of BT tags and tracks user content consumption across the Web to target them later with relevant messages. But, how can marketers realize similar targeting efficiencies outside of the typical online ad network, in RSS feeds, email, mobile and widgets? As your content and marketing becomes more portable and customizable by the user, what targeting techniques are available now and on the way? Moderator: Roman Bukary, Truviso. Speakers: Bill Flitter, Pheedo; Eddie Smith, SocialMedia Networks; Dorion Carroll, Technorati; Elgin Kim, Nokia Interactive; Dave Martin, Ignited Media.

Not really a transcription, but got the gist of most of what was being said.

Being at the conference and on such a great panel really got me thinking about the future of advertising and content. I'd really like to see how we navigate the issues between privacy and utility. Clearly, the more an ad network knows about you, the better they can target ads, but, the riskier it will be that someone crosses the privacy line. Right now, I think it is safer to target the behavior profile rather than the individual profile and, more importantly, to be able to filter by context and end user initiated engagement.

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