Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bill Katovsky kinda blows his own intro


Over at the Huffington Post, Bill Katovsky opens with a little Technorati Top Search, end of year, foolery. You think he's going to play off the juxtaposition of Saddam and Britney, but No-o-o-o-o-o, he just takes several opportunities to dive head first into his own, narrow-minded, other people hatin', pile of manure.

Come on, comparing the Iraqi's initial attempts at the judiciary and executionary branches of government to Texas justice? The people of Iraq deserve better. They are conflicted, struggling, and, maybe it won't end well, but they don't deserve your comparison.

And, by the way, dude, what about Britney? If you wanted to talk about the top searches, you should have read my post first.

You never even go into the bizarre combination of people's morbid fascination with their, well, er, I guess, morbid fascination. Hang 'em or bang 'em? I don't know why people keep searching for Britney, but I'm sure they'll be doing it a lot more in '07 than searching for Saddam.


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