Thursday, March 17, 2005

cvs tag

Steps for tagging a release


Say you want to tag version 0.2.0 of projectfoo

Finish your changes and from the top directory of projectfoo:

cvs rtag RC_FOO_00_02_00 projectfoo

RC stands for Release Candidate

To check this tag out for future development

cvs co -r RC_FOO_00_02_00 -d RC_FOO_00_02_00 projectfoo

cvs import

cvs import name vendor initialtag

Steps to add some new stuff to CVS.

mkdir projectfoo
cd projectfoo
- create some files

make sure your in the directory that you will be importing.

cvs import projectfoo memyselfandi start

Then co CVSROOT and add kharma, and you should be off and running.