Monday, March 03, 2008

Speed and stability can make a huge difference

Over at Perry Web (Technorati? OK, Maybe I Do Care.) they noticed some of the improvements we've made in performance and stability on Technorati.

We've put a lot of effort into our search infrastructure over the last 3 quarters and I am extremely proud of our Operations team. Not only is our back end performance under 1 second almost all the time, the team was able to achieve this with very little additional expense.

I'm very excited to see someone posting good news since I suspect there a lot of others who have noticed but not thought to blog about it.

Finally, the other obvious thing that makes a huge difference is great people. That's what we have and we are looking to grow our team. Check out the job listings.

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Case in point, here's a snapshot of my blog page on Technorati that shows it took 49 seconds between me hitting the Publish Post button and the post being available in the Technorati index.